Essential Gear: Cloudlifter CL-1

Do you have a favorite dynamic or ribbon microphone that just doesn’t have enough output?  Do you have to crank your preamp to the max setting to get the desired level?  I used to have that problem with my Shure SM7B.  I loved the microphone and all of its qualities except for one, its low output.

I have found the exact solution for this problem, and it is the Cloudlifter CL-1.  It will raise the signal of your microphone by 20 to 25 db.  The gain it adds is without any sort of coloration and all of the characteristics of your microphone stay in tact.

You simply connect the microphone to the CL-1 and the CL-1 to your preamp or mixing board.  The CL-1 then converts phantom power into a clean gain boost of up to 25 db.  I was completely shocked when I first heard the results for myself.

The device makes it safe to utilize phantom power with delicate passive ribbon mics.  None of the extra power is actually driven into the mic itself.  I have used my CL-1 on dynamics for vocals, and ribbon mics for a few acoustic tracks.  I really like the way it interacts with my SM7B for vocals.

Here is a great video of someone showing the differences of an SM7B directly into a preamp vs. an SM7B into a Cloudlifter CL-1.  Check it out here.

If there is a piece of gear that you think should be in the essentials list, feel free to contact me.

That’s all for now, as always, just press record.  You never know what may come out!



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