I grew up in Georgia but moved to New Jersey at the beginning of 7th grade.  I didn’t have a lot of friends when I moved up here so music became my best friend.  I started teaching myself how to play guitar when I was 13.

I have been playing guitar for just about 17 years now.  I also play bass and sing.  I’ve dabbled with drums and piano a bit and can get by on both.  I also have become quite proficient at programming drums as well as electronic elements for recordings.  I have toured the country many times with several different bands.

I started recording shortly after I learned to play.  I acquired a used Fostex 4-track and never turned back.  I began developing skills in mic placement and acoustic treatment.  I also began developing other recording techniques that I will be talking about throughout this blog.  I have continued getting better and better equipment.  The equipment I have now is light years beyond what I ever dreamed of having.

When I’m not playing music or recording, I do many other creative things.  I love to write and draw.  I also read, A LOT.  I recently moved to Florida with my wife.  I can be found reading or playing guitar on the beach quite often.  I also am fanatical about the New York Mets and Carolina Panthers.